Bathroom Types – An Overview of Bathroom Types That You Should Know About

Bathroom Types – An Overview of Bathroom Types That You Should Know About

A bathroom or washroom is usually a large room, usually in a residential building or other large residential structure, which usually includes either a washing machine or a separate tub or shower. The addition of a wash basin into this environment is very common. The most common material used for the construction of these rooms is ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are highly durable and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Bathrooms can be fitted with all sorts of extra facilities in addition to their main function as a place to take a shower and get clean. A powder room is an extremely popular option for the modern bathroom. A powder room is essentially a shower room on steroids. A powder room can be made from almost any material, from glass to wood and to stone, marble or granite. In a powder room there are often a toilet, a shower head, and vanity unit alongside a steam cabinet, sometimes also featuring a steam towel.

A half bath is a relatively normal sized bathroom which usually has a sink, a toilet, and a separate tub. The half bath can incorporate additional features such as a faucet, an island tap, or even an ironing board. A half bath can often be fitted with a tiling surface and, if so preferred, the surface can be tiled with tiles. Half bathrooms are very common in apartment-style houses and can be fitted with tiling or wallpapers in contrasting colour schemes. These types of bathrooms are often used as day spas and have a very relaxing and enjoyable feel to them.

One aspect of bathrooms which can vary according to individual preferences is the presence of an extra toilet paper holder. This is, of course, strictly optional but can make life a little more convenient by saving a lot of time tucking towels into the toilet after use. Bathroom towel racks are generally placed in the hallway or at the side of the door. Sometimes, a shower curtain can be hung on the rack itself for added functionality.

The other four components of the modern bathroom are the vanity unit, vanity tops, flooring, and wall surface. Bathroom vanities are designed to accommodate various items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Vanities are available in a wide range of materials, including wood, stone, glass, marble, stone and concrete. Stone vanities can be bought pre-finished or unfinished. Most people opt to buy a pre-finished vanity because it allows them to simply stain or paint the wood to match the rest of their bathroom types.

Lastly, there’s the bathtub and shower. Bathtubs are available in both internal and external model types. Internal models are smaller than external ones but both provide the basic function of bathing. Showers are available in various designs such as walk in, step in, shower enclosures and wall mounted models.