Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

A bathroom or washroom, traditionally, is a large room, usually in a residence or other commercial property, which typically has either a lavatory or a shower attached. The addition of a wash basin into a bathroom can be very useful, particularly if the room is small. In smaller bathrooms, it is often desirable to have a separate basin in the wash area, as this will enable you to use the wash basin for other purposes such as cleaning and drying your hair. Alternatively, a separate shower cubicle may be all that is needed.

There are a number of different types of bathroom types, but perhaps the most popular is the “one basin bathroom”, which features a single basin with an associated cistern. This cistern can often be fitted with the necessary pipes to connect to either the main plumbing in the house, to a central drain, or to a private drain such as a hose connected to a wall mounted shower head. These are by far the most popular bathroom types today, as they have the advantages of being simple to install and to keep clean, saving money in the long run due to reduced water usage.

When buying bathroom fittings in a store, it is often wise to get some advice from the assistants. In particular, when buying a new shower, you need to ask what the pipes leading into the shower are made of, as this will determine the kind of joints that will be required to join them, and whether you require any special fitting work. Another important feature is to look at the depth of the pipes going into the drain. This should match the depth of the drainpipes that will be necessary to install your washing machine in. Finally, take a good look at the range of available fixtures, and make sure you know exactly what you want before shopping.

Buying bathroom accessories, such as towels and soap, can be very time consuming and confusing. This is especially true if buying online, where there is little or no available space to describe the features you are looking for before making a purchase. The Internet is great for making purchases on relatively small items such as bath towels, but when it comes to shower curtains and other more complicated bathroom pieces, it is best to leave the purchasing to the experts. Bathroom specialists always stock a full range of different styles and designs and are well placed to advise on which is best for your home and your budget. When buying a shower curtain for instance, it is a good idea to pay close attention to the measurement of the area in which you intend to fit it, as well as taking into account whether you want a curtain with a hooked bar or one that hangs freely.

If you have an elongated lavatory or walk-in bath, then a sliding door will provide you with the most efficient use of space. In most cases, they are easy to install, simple to keep clean, and simple to use when moving around the room containing the lavatory. A double door option however, offers a better compromise between functionality and style. As they tend to take up less floor space, they are not ideal for large walk-in baths, but can be useful for small spaces in your bathroom. A double door option can also be useful in the bathroom next to the toilet, as it can help to prevent water damage to the wall behind the toilet. These doors do however make the bathroom seem even smaller, so may not be the best choice for those wanting to create an impression.

Bathroom fixtures come in many varieties and include both conventional and contemporary styles of fixtures, as well as modern and more elaborate designs. You will usually need to measure your bathroom space before looking at any possible fixtures, and if you find a fixture that does not fit you would need to work out its exact positioning within the room. Make sure you measure the space where you intend to place any new fixtures, and remember to think about any other future changes you may want to make to the room. Bathroom fittings can really give your bathroom a makeover and can make any lavatory into a real talking point.