Excavation 101: What Is Hydro Excavation?

Excavation 101: What Is Hydro Excavation?

IBISWorld published a report that stated that there were more than 40,000 excavation firms in the United States in 2020. When it comes time to move ground, many people don’t think of the excavation, demolition and drainage industry. You’ve likely had your home built or worked in construction. Or perhaps you have just done some renovations on your land. At some point you will need to find underground utilities to expose them for safety or building purposes. This is a service that property owners need to avoid causing unnecessary damage to their sites. What’s the best way to do excavation with minimal disruption?

What Is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation is a sophisticated method used by excavation contractors to remove soil. The main goal is to reach the lines and other features below the surface. Hydro excavation trucks spray water on the area and then vacuums it out.

This is the most common answer to the question “What is hydro excavation?” But there are many more details to this dynamic excavation service. You might be curious to learn more about the hydro excavation process. Hydro excavation is a better option than other excavation options. How much does hydro excavation cost? You might even consider becoming a hydrovac truck operator! Hydro excavation is now your chance to dig deep and learn everything you can about it.

Hydro Excavate: How do you do it?

Before you start searching for hydro excavation equipment on your smartphone or computer, it’s important to know that hydro excavation is a service that must be performed by highly-trained professionals. Although there are likely to be excavation companies that offer this service in your locality, it is always helpful to understand what you can expect. Knowing what you are ordering is the best way to determine if you are dealing with an expert when you call around for an excavation contractor. Ask questions during your initial consultation. The information you receive from this explanation will help you determine if the person you are dealing with is a hydro excavation specialist.

Hydro excavation can be done with a truck. We have already explained briefly what that means. You need to know what the truck does. Hydro excavation trucks have many different capabilities. They include a pressurized water mechanism and vacuum system.

  • The water from the truck is first circulated through the pump, which presses it. Next, a handheld wand blasts the exact area where the contractor wishes to expose underground utilities. The vacuum then follows the soil, lifting it from the construction area and finally, releasing it into a trash tank.
  • The vacuum is controlled by either a fan or displacement blower depending on the hydrotruck. The fan system allows more soil to move at an increased speed. When there is not as much dirt, a displacement blower can be used. However, the initial excavation is more deep and the debris must be moved further away.

Consider which method is most efficient when assessing your hydro excavation service requirements. It is important to confirm with your excavation company that they have the correct equipment for the job.

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