Home Plumbing System – The Major Components

Home Plumbing System – The Major Components

There are numerous advantages of hiring a plumber to do the work at home instead of having it done in the premises of your house. It is always good to get the expert’s opinion when you are running short of time or facing problem with your plumbing system. Moreover, you get all the information regarding the plumbing system and can make a better decision in this regard. The plumber takes up the task personally, observing the condition of the pipes while he does so. Therefore, he knows what to look for and which part of the system needs to be fixed or replaced.

When we talk about plumbing basics, we should first of all understand that there are basically two systems, namely, public and private. The difference between the two systems is quite vast. The main reason behind this is that the former provides water supply to homes whereas the latter supplies gas, oil or electricity to homes. It is better to have the private system as that provides water supply to individual homes.

Let us now come to the major part of home plumbing the hot water tank. In fact, there are many different parts present here. The main one includes the tank, pipes, drain, return and the hot water supply system. These parts help in transferring the water and eventually the waste water. Hence, it is important to maintain all these important parts well.

Every plumbing system needs different number of fixtures. For instance, it might require twenty-four faucets to give twenty-four gallons of water per day. Similarly, there are different types of faucets available in the market. Some of the fixtures include kitchen faucets, spigots, bathroom faucets, laundry faucets, dishwashers, shower heads, bath tub faucets and many more. The plumbers usually buy the right fittings for their plumbing system and install them in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Sinks are considered to be the most important part of a household plumbing system. There are two kinds of sinks the counter top and the pedestal sink. The former has a long stem and is mostly used for washing utensils and other kitchen articles; while the pedestal sink is deeper and holds a fresh water supply for bathing purposes. Under the countersink is a smaller sized sink and used for washing utensils and other kitchen articles.

Kitchens and bathrooms often suffer from blockages and hence plumbing repairs become very common in such areas. Apart from the kitchen plumbing system, there are separate pipes for the hot water supply and the cold water supply. Toilet pipes too are made of copper or brass. Therefore, apart from the pipes themselves, it is important to maintain all the plumbing equipment like faucets, pipes, traps etc.