Home Security Basics – Why Homeowners Should Have a Burglar Alarm System

Home Security Basics – Why Homeowners Should Have a Burglar Alarm System

Home security entails both people’s personal safety practices and the security hardware installed on a home. Security hardware usually includes deadbolts, security bars, alarms, cameras, and motion sensors. With the increasing complexity of crime trends and the inclination of criminals to avoid homes with technological conveniences, it is essential to implement security measures at home.

The security system consists of a control panel, keypad, and sensors. The control panel is usually located in a central location like the basement or garage, so that it is accessible 24 hours a day and all the time. If a house has no security system, the control panel serves as the connection point between the system and the monitoring center. The keypad allows people to enter a code into the keypad to deactivate the system or initiate emergency call outs.

Most security systems employ hard-wired systems that use sensors for detection of intruders. These sensors are installed around the property, usually in strategic places such as windows and doors, to detect movement and transmit the information to the central monitoring center. Wireless security systems rely on sensors for both detection and transmission of signals. Some wireless systems are sensor-activated, meaning that once they are triggered, the alarm is activated and contact with the monitoring center is made immediately.

Some basic monitoring components include an auto-response system that sends assistance when alarms are tripped. This is usually controlled by a staff member on duty at the monitoring center. Other monitoring devices include glass break detectors and panic buttons. Panic buttons and glass break detectors may sound like false alarms to some people, but they alert the monitoring center that something is wrong, which enables them to send help.

Some homeowners install their own home security equipment to prevent unnecessary trips to monitoring centers. Home security hardware may include wireless door and window alarms, deadbolts and other hardware devices. Some of these security devices are permanently affixed to the doors and windows. Others may be used temporarily in selected areas, such as a garage or storage areas. Homeowners can control their alarms from their control panels using keypads or remote controls.

Homeowners can prevent serious damage to their properties by taking proactive steps to keep them safe. Home security system installed to prevent burglaries cost more initially, but can save a lot of money in the long run. Preventing burglaries can increase the value of your home and put it out of harm’s way should it become burglarized. The cost of a professionally installed burglar alarm system can easily be recovered through the value of the house and personal property saved.

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