How to Design a Functional and Contemporary Kitchen

How to Design a Functional and Contemporary Kitchen

At Vadara Quartz, think of your kitchen as the most vital room in your house. While the kitchen is not something that you generally make frequent use of, it can nonetheless be seen as an essential and necessary addition to a certain type of household. For those with a family, cooking and preparing meals is always the focal point. As such, homeowners are more than happy to invest in the latest technology in the kitchen area. To see why getting the kitchen into an essential and necessary place in any type of household, check out these reasons.

When there are several people working in a kitchen, it can often become difficult to prepare all the food at the same time. Because everyone needs to be working on a different aspect of the preparation process, there tends to be a significant delay between each person’s turn. A well-designed island kitchen solves this problem by providing a work surface that can be reached by all the members of the team at the same time. This works especially well for larger groups, because even if one person is working on a different aspect of the preparation, other members of the group can still be reached. The result is that everyone can finish what they are doing and that everything gets done quicker.

In the past, most kitchens had open fireplaces. This made cooking meals in the fireplace a convenient option. However, most people complained about the stifling heat of the fire and that it took long to get your meal ready. With the new focus on stoves and appliances, fireplaces have been replaced with gas or electric stoves and cooking has never been faster. With the advent of gas ranges and electric burners, meal preparation has never been faster, either. And, with the latest technology in kitchens, even simmering foods can be prepared in less time.

If you want to make sure that food preparation and clean-up are easier, you need to plan the design of your island kitchen. First, decide whether you want to build the kitchen counter on the island or away from it. If you build the counter away from the kitchen counters, your food preparation will be easier because the only things you have to concern yourself with are the stove and the garbage disposal. However, building a counter on the island will give you more surface area for other activities, such as plating, barbecuing, and deep-frying. If you build a kitchen counter on the island, food preparation will also be faster because the hot dogs and pizzas won’t have to travel very far.

Another factor to consider when designing a kitchen is the way it will contain the cook. If you have small children, make sure you include a safe, tight containment area for them. You can build a small kitchen with just a single stove and one or two ovens built into the walls and add a food preparation area and waste collector on the outside. Your waste collector can be a retractable awning attached to the wall or it can be built into the wall behind the stove or the island so the “dirty” water doesn’t get out onto your dining room chairs.

For larger families or people who are very busy, one option that might work for you is to use a triangular or square kitchen design. This style has plenty of surface area for all the appliances and cook tops that you need. The triangular or square kitchen style will give you plenty of room to move around and prepare food. Because there are three main appliances and cook tops, this cabinetry design makes it easy to prepare three great meals at once without any problems at all. If you are planning on using this cabinetry style for your family, be sure to add in enough counter space to accommodate all of your appliances and cook tops.