Swimming Pool Heater – Time to Check What’s Wrong

Swimming Pool Heater – Time to Check What’s Wrong

It was 6 a.m. in the morning and you plan on going out in your pool area for a quick dip and some nice routine exercise. Before diving in, you made sure to turn on your pool heater. You grab your towels, waiting a few minutes for your heater to kick off so you can have the proper temperature that is not too cold and too hot. However, the moment you dipped your lower body into the water, it feels like the water heater did not do its job very well. And for the sake of your morning exercise, you carry on.

Pool Automation includes a water heater in your swimming pool. It takes a couple of minutes to five to ten minutes, depending on the motor, to increase the temperature of your swimming pool. A faulty heating system takes up not only time but also electricity. If you have experienced this, it is time to get your pool heater checked and a full pool heater repair.

What causes a pool heater to malfunction?

There are many reasons why your pool water heater is not working. However, one of the main reasons reported during pool repair services is a dirty unit. Most of the time, the water heating unit is placed outside. Although the unit is waterproof, it is not dirtproof. If your water heating unit is fixed on concrete flooring near the soil, the chances of soil and dust going in during windy and rainy seasons are very high. However, there are other reasons for a faulty water pool heater. If you think that there is more than a dirty water heater unit, you need to call a pool repair service professional to look into the situation.

Why does your faulty heating system consume more energy?

The basic answer to the question of high electricity consumption is because your faulty pool water heating system is doing two to three times harder labor than it should be. For one, a dirty unit may not be having its normal airflow to keep the hot air out and let the cool air in. If that is the case, the motor may be prone to overheating. If you hear a whistling sound when you have a silent swimming pool heating unit, that means trouble and it could get worse before you know it.

The energy consumption of faulty units is two to three times the average. The longer it stays unchecked, the more money you waste from paying double the amount of electricity cost when using it. More so, the bigger the chance that you need to replace one – and you know what that means? That means larger expenses.

Get your pool heating water unit checked!  

Pool automation systems give you the convenience and the features that make your swimming pool premium and superior to other pools. However, just like a traditional swimming pool, you need to properly care for it, and have it maintained as it should be. Check out your local swimming pool professional services and get the best pool automation system Orlando for your home. Remember, you do not have to stay out of the pool during cold days. 

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