Addressing Water Damage on Your Stucco

Addressing Water Damage on Your Stucco

Water is the enemy of stucco. This is because water puts the integrity of the stucco at risk of damage and fast deterioration. But before starting a stucco repair, you should know the cause of water exposure. How did water get into the stucco siding of your structure?

The most common reason found by stucco companies is poor stucco installation. Note that stucco can repel water when the installation is professionally made, and the materials used were industry-grade. Otherwise, the result makes your stucco house vulnerable to water damage. If you hired an inexperienced and unqualified contractor, then you should expect problems to ensue on your home’s structure.

If water damage has started on your stucco, you need to immediately address the issue. Because if this has spread to the structure, chances are you will need stucco removal and reinstallation of stucco.

Why You Need to Immediately Address the Water Damage

When water damage has started on your stucco, this is not simply a problem on how your structure looks on the outside. It does not simply involve aesthetics. But more importantly, water damage that is left to occur for a long time can result in rotting. The entire wall will rot. The solution by then is not stucco repair but reinstallation of your stucco or worse, rebuilding your entire walls.

The risk of mold can also be brought about by water damage. This is necessary to prevent and remedy because it can result in a host of health problems for the entire family. Besides addressing the structure, you are also constrained to address the medical care needs of your family members. Hence, the quicker you address this issue with the help of stucco repair contractors, the better.

Take note as well that you cannot easily sell your home when water damage has worsened. Many homebuyers are keen to the quality and functionality of the home. And so, remember that water damage can decrease the value of your home. If you plan to sell your property, make sure that the inspection and repair needs are addressed immediately.

When to Get Help from Professional Contractors

Fixing stucco issues may not be something that you want to DIY. This is a specialist job, meaning you need the help of professional and expert stucco contractors Sarasota. When you notice molds, big cracks, and holes, you should call your trusted stucco company to make the appropriate inspections. They will then assess the magnitude of the damage with their tools and expertise.

After doing the required inspections, they will provide you recommendations on how to address the issue. Make sure that you understand the problem, so do not be afraid to ask questions or to have them show you their findings.

Once you have understood the issue, you should quickly remedy the issues. Best if you retain the company for the needed stucco repair. Do not forego the opportunity because allowing the damage to stay long enough will threaten the structural integrity of your home and will only bring you more expenses.

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