Choosing a Bathroom Door

Choosing a Bathroom Door

Bathroom doors should be both stylish and functional, offering multiple options such as frosted glass doors which help bring light into your home or barn doors which move along an overhead track.

Solid-core molded doors are constructed from heavy fiberboard and resistant to warping from moisture. You may also opt for pocket doors if space in your bathroom is limited.

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Color can have a dramatic impact on the style and ambiance of a bathroom. White is an enduring classic that works well in many different decor schemes, while bolder hues can add flair. When considering natural light levels in a room, lighter tones might help to create the impression of more space and brightness.

Green doors are another popular choice as they add a natural and earthy aesthetic. Green is also great for bathrooms with nature-themed decor or those adjacent to gardens, while yellow and orange can add warmth and depth.

If you want something modern and stylish, aluminium doors may be an excellent choice. Not only are they weatherproof and corrosion proof but they’re also eco-friendly – not to mention easy to maintain! Their variety of designs and colors makes maintenance simpler too!


When selecting a bathroom door, there are a number of styles and color options to keep in mind. Your goal should be finding something that complements both your decor and overall theme of the bathroom interiors, with color being just as crucial in creating either a soothing atmosphere in the space or adding some bold pops of colour that add some pop and character.

White doors are an excellent choice for bathrooms designed with clean lines and spaces, while blue and gray hues often create a soothing ambience. Frosted glass doors also allow natural light to enter while still offering privacy.

Add an eye-catching flair with digital printed door designs on PVC door stock. This creative solution makes a striking statement and guarantees longevity of use for years to come.


When selecting bathroom doors, there are various choices available to you. A solid wood door is popular because of its durability and beauty; however, it may be pricey. For an easier, more budget-friendly option consider veneered engineered core doors made of engineered wood core covered by real wood veneers for an elegant and sturdy solution for your bathroom.

Plastic is another material commonly used for bathroom door frames. This durable and waterproof material can withstand high moisture levels without disintegrating, making it easy to keep clean – an excellent choice for bathrooms.

There are also doors crafted of glass that can be great additions to the bathroom. These glass doors can help lighten and optically enlarge a space while adding privacy thanks to frosted or opaque finishes. Furthermore, there are various styles of these doors to choose from like those resembling Japanese shoji screens.


Bathrooms should be private havens, and you don’t want any unwelcome intruders entering unexpectedly. Therefore, it’s essential that your bathroom be secure – the type of lock chosen depends on its frequency of usage as well as who uses it.

Thumb turn locks with handles or door knobs are a popular choice among families, as they are easy to install and improve privacy by automatically locking when closed. Plus, their simple operation makes it ideal for children, seniors, and guests.

Multi-point locks are another viable choice, commonly found on PVCu and composite doors that use multi-point technology to lock at various points with one turn of a key. While more expensive, multi-point locks provide greater security. Installation can be more challenging; however, step-by-step instructions make the installation process simpler; many styles of multi-point locks come in varying finishes to complement bathroom hardware and decor.