Roofing Accessories – The Unsung Heroes of a Well-Designed Roof

Roofing Accessories – The Unsung Heroes of a Well-Designed Roof

Roof accessories are often unsung heroes of a functional roof design. From underlayment and ventilation, flashing, gutters and flashing protection, these essential components help create weather resistant metal buildings.

Roof curbs are used to join together the upslope and downslope flanges of a roof panel and must be constructed with precision in order to achieve correct geometries.


Ventridges are engineered to efficiently eliminate heat, smoke and fumes from factories and industrial buildings. Installed along roof ridges to provide exhaust ventilation along the entire roofline, ridge vents take full advantage of temperature variations inside and outside a building’s walls that cause pressure variations that cause air movement resulting in stack action, with hot air from machinery, personnel and solar heat warming the interior rising upward and flowing out through ventridges.

Consistent airflow helps ensure constant temperatures in the factory while protecting wood beams and structures from moisture damage caused by trapped moisture. Installing the ridge vent is simple: simply roll out over the ridge cap and secure with adhesive provided by the manufacturer.

Flue Caps

Chimney caps provide protection from debris, rain, and animals invading your flue and sparking housefires. Without one, debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches could enter and cause havoc within.

Rainwater can ruin the interior of your chimney, leading to corrosion on dampers and lintel, and weakening its mortar crown. Chimney caps prevent rainwater from entering your chimney and thus protect exterior brick work by reducing leakage rates as well as leaks.

Choose between single-flue chimney caps that fasten directly to the crown of your chimney or ones that slide into its flue for ease of installation. If opting for this second option, measure its diameter before searching for models that correspond.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters often go unnoticed but are one of the most essential home maintenance items. Gutter systems divert rainwater from roofs into downspouts for disposal via downspouts to prevent it from pooling along foundation walls, which could otherwise cause leaks and rot, leakage causing leaks in drywall panels, as well as negatively affecting indoor air quality.

Assure your gutters are functioning optimally by hiring a professional for regular gutter cleaning, and consider repurposing old gutters by hanging photos or artwork from them, creating unique garden planters out of narrow pieces or using old gutter pieces to make new planters for strawberries.

Electric Riser

An electrical riser is a housing designed to transport electricity to upper floors in a home, as well as ensure its safe installation and use. Furthermore, electrical risers may help improve energy efficiency by channeling current to where it’s most needed – saving both money and resources!

Electrical risers can be installed in a variety of places, from basements and attics to garages and residential homes and commercial buildings. Kris-Tech offers electric risers in different sizes, shapes and colors; any custom requirements can also be fulfilled according to UL specifications. Kris-Tech maintains an on-site testing lab, keeping a record of any tests completed in-house as per UL regulations.


Integrating natural light is more than a mere cosmetic upgrade – it’s an effective tool that makes any room appear larger and brighter, regulates circadian rhythms, and enhances productivity in offices.

Skylights are designed to allow light into a roofline while still allowing air circulation. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can find one that best complements your space and desired look.

Round skylights are a timeless classic with their contemporary aesthetic and are easy to keep clean, plus can be customized with ventilation features if necessary. Other popular choices are tubular or pyramid skylights.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems allow old air to escape while fresh air enters, helping reduce moisture, pollutants, and odours from building up in your environment. Ventilation also provides significant relief to allergy and asthma sufferers by keeping their environment drier.

Ventilation systems are essential in areas with hot, humid summers or newer airtight homes that lack proper air exchange. But to prevent pressurization from arising if not compatible with local climate conditions.

An inadequate ventilation system may lead to moisture damage, decreased heat recovery rates and the emergence of mold growth. A regularly maintained ventilation system equipped with corrosion resistant dampers and links is an effective solution.

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