How to Use Dark Colors in Small Bathroom Ideas

How to Use Dark Colors in Small Bathroom Ideas

While most people recommend choosing light color shades for bathrooms, dark hues can also add a cozy ambiance in a small lavatory space. To do so effectively, pick out a vanity that doesn’t take up too much room so as not to block off too much airflow in your space.

Clutter can make an already cramped bath appear smaller, so try adding clever storage solutions like this pink built-in cabinet that doubles as a shelf for luxury bath towels.

Over-Shower Bath

If you love to soak, but lack space for a full bathtub, installing a shower over your existing tub is an ideal solution. Tile can add style and visual interest while glass screens and tapware ensure an efficient layout.

Opt for small mirrored mosaics for an eye-catching and elegant look, laying them across an entire wall to add glamour and lighten an enclosed room. Complement their sparkling sheen with large-scale plain matt tiles for balance.

P-shaped shower baths save space, creating more floor area without intruding into your bathtub footprint. Furthermore, their stubby shape makes for more comfortable sitting positions like this renovated beach shack bathroom designed by Studio DIAA.

Installing windows can add plenty of light into an ensuite, but if there is no wall space for one, skylights offer an effective alternative. In this Boston home, Crystalite model skylights provide natural lighting while still offering privacy.

Two-Tone Colour Scheme

Many are intimidated by painting dark colors in small powder rooms, but an impactful hue such as crimson can add an engaging and modern vibe. Create two-tone color schemes by painting one side of your ceiling a different shade than your walls; add horizontal or vertical lines that lengthen your bathroom and accent its vanity, sconces, or wallpaper with it!

If your bathroom features natural wood vanity, light tile, or classic white fixtures, soft greys like Pebble Shore provide an appealing contrast without being overtly stark or harsh.

If your vanity, shower or floor tile features darker hues, consider using them as your wall color to add an eye-catching accent. When selecting your neutral palette such as Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray for best results in any lighting conditions. Creating stripes of light and dark tones on your walls is another modern touch to give any space an updated feel.

Faux Foliage

If the bathroom is your place for relaxation after a long day, why not add decorative greenery to enhance its atmosphere and bring some color? Artificial plants are easy to maintain while still adding a dash of personality.

If greenery isn’t your cup of tea, why not opt for statement mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel larger? Or try using horizontal lines in paint or wallpaper patterns such as stripes to elongate your bathroom?

Use pale colored floor tiles to heighten the space, as well as to create an eye-catching feature floor using the technique known as unified tiling where tiles of similar hue are so closely matched that no breaks are visible between them, making the room seem larger and more cohesive. Or opt for darker shade floor tiles in order to give an illusion of depth for small bathrooms.

Storage Cart

An bathroom storage cart is an effective way to clear clutter off counters when cabinets or drawers simply aren’t enough. This metal utility cart features three shelves with locking handles for convenient tucking into tight spots like behind the toilet – perfect for stashing toilet paper and other supplies on one open side that faces outward.

Yamazaki Home’s slim rolling storage cart designed to store dishes in a kitchen pantry will fit seamlessly into tight spaces while its shelves can store lightweight products like cotton swabs and skincare essentials.

Floating furniture can be an excellent addition to small spaces, including bathrooms. Use this stylish cart under your sink to store cleansers and soap, or place near a window as an easy place to keep towels. With its perforated design allowing airflow while protecting it from bathtub splashes.