Types of Plumbing Accessories

Types of Plumbing Accessories

When it comes to plumbing, there are many different accessories to choose from. It is important to pick the right ones for each job.

Couplings help to connect pipes of different sizes. They come in either compression or slip varieties. A nipple is a type of pipe fitting that has male IPS threads on one end and female IPS threads on the other end.


The hacksaw is the hand-held tool that cuts most of the pipes associated with plumbing, whether PVC or metal. It is also useful for cutting tubing, electrical wires and other hard materials.

When using a hacksaw, it is important to make sure the blade is properly tensioned and that the frame of the saw and the teeth are lined up. It is also recommended to add a few drops of machine oil to the blade before starting to cut, as this reduces friction and helps prevent overheating.

It is also necessary to use the right type of blade for the material being cut. For example, when cutting a thick metal like iron pipe a raker hacksaw blade is best, as it has the appropriate teeth to handle such a heavy job without becoming dull too quickly. When cutting softer materials, a less toothy blade such as an 18 or 24 TPI is generally preferred. The TPI refers to the number of teeth per inch, which can vary depending on the type of material being cut.

Stubby Screwdriver

Generally shorter than standard screwdrivers, this type of tool is useful in places where a longer model might block access to the screws. These tools are available individually or in sets. They may have a variety of features, sizes, and shapes. Some are also ratcheting and offer more torque than other types.

Most stubby screwdrivers are short enough to fit in many places, including car glove boxes, purses, and small tool boxes. They are also commonly kept in households in drawers and other convenient locations.

Often, these tools are equipped with bit holders to hold a variety of bits in the handle. This provides easy access and increases versatility in the workplace. Some of these models can even accept hex keys. This option is particularly helpful for camera technicians working in tight spaces. This stubby screwdriver is designed with an acetate handle that offers a nonslip grip. It has a high-strength, rugged ratchet drive that speeds up fastener removal and replacement while standing up to heavy use.

Channel-Type Pliers

Known in some trades as water-pump pliers, these are designed to grip and twist rounded objects such as pipes. They have shallow serrations for gripping, a flat section of the jaws that is used for turning and a curved section that is useful for gripping rounded objects such as nuts or pipes.

These pliers are often used in place of wrenches when working with hex-shaped fittings, bolts and nuts. However, they should never be used as a hammer, which could damage the jaws or the handles.

Channel locks are a versatile tool that is used by plumbers, electricians and mechanics. They have a unique design that allows one handle to slide along a track underneath the jaws to adjust the size of the opening they use to grip and pinch without affecting the distance between the handles. They are also helpful for gripping and twisting items that are not flat, such as rusted stripped nuts or bolts.

Pipe Wrench

A medium-size adjustable wrench that has a hook jaw and heel jaw, this is the type of wrench used to adjust and loosen pipes and other rounded fittings. Unlike monkey wrenches, which grip flat nuts, the pipe wrench’s jaws have teeth that enable them to grip rounded surfaces like pipe threads.

The two serrated jaws of this tool are pivoted on a fixed handle to create a powerful gripping action on a round rod or pipe. These wrenches are especially useful for adjusting seized connections or joints that have become rusted and difficult to open with a spanner or other standardized tools.

This type of wrench can be a good choice for the average homeowner or the professional plumber looking to improve their plumbing tools. Depending on the manufacturer, these wrenches can come with steel or aluminum handles (aluminum options being lighter). The jaws may be covered in rubber for comfort or they may be smooth and polished to prevent damage.