Top 5 Bedroom Accessories For a Relaxing Home

Top 5 Bedroom Accessories For a Relaxing Home

Bedroom essentials should make your space relaxing and calming, which is why Kaye recommends investing in high-quality mattresses, nightstands, a dresser and storage bench or ottoman to complete your space.

Curtains can help control natural lighting and can make any room feel cozier and intimate. Choose one that reflects your style and personality for optimal results.


Pillows are an integral component of bedroom decor that provide both comfort and style. For optimal restful restful slumber, invest in pillowcases made with high thread count cotton material for luxurious sleep paradise.

Find reading pillows or body pillows to support your neck and back while decorative throw pillows add texture and color to your bed. Make sure the number of pillows correspond with the size of your mattress for an organized arrangement.

Bed Frame

Bed frames are an integral component of your bedroom, offering support to your mattress while adding visual interest and contributing to its design.

Some bed frames feature storage space under them to store clothing, utensils, and other essentials; others boast sleek minimalist styles to fit with contemporary decor.

For a traditional look, consider opting for a four-poster bed. Its ornate posts add grandeur and add character to any room they occupy.

Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are the first layer of bedding that touches your skin and should help regulate temperatures during the night. A good set should contain both fitted sheet and flat sheet to meet this objective.

When choosing sheets, fabric and weave are also key considerations. Cotton is often chosen due to its soft feel that gets even softer after every wash; linen provides air circulation to keep things comfortable and cool.

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets can add both style and coziness to your bed, making an essential bedroom accessory. Select fabric that complements your bedroom’s overall color scheme and aesthetic for best results.

Some blanket materials, like fleece or cashmere, provide softness while others such as merino wool or alpaca provide luxurious warmth. Be mindful of your bedroom size when purchasing one that best meets it.


An elegant pillow case can make a real difference to the aesthetics of your bed. Not only will it protect against stains and spills, but also help prevent allergens from entering through skin pores.

There are various styles of pillowcases available, such as Housewife, bag type, Oxford and mock Oxford styles. When selecting fabric that complements your bedding and any decorative pillow shams.


An area rug can add color, texture, and warmth while helping prevent slips and falls.

An appropriate rug should cover your entire bed frame and nightstands (if present) with 18 inches of clearance on all sides, making it easier for you to get out of bed on cold mornings.


Plants add an inviting and relaxing element to the bedroom while also helping remove pollutants from the air and producing oxygen. Chinese evergreens, also known as Aglaonema, make an excellent low maintenance addition that thrive in dim lighting. Snake plants or Hedera helix may also make great choices as they have proven difficult to kill over the years.

Layered lighting is essential to creating a relaxing and soothing bedroom environment. Use low wattage sconces instead of overhead lights for reading or to illuminate dark corners in your room.

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets make an eye-catching yet practical addition to most rooms, from entryways to living rooms and beyond. An entryway might benefit from adding a small wicker basket as part of its table unit to easily organize shoes, coats and bags during morning chaos.

A large rattan storage basket can also be placed next to the sofa for keeping extra pillows and throws concealed yet easily accessible.


Nightstands (also referred to as bedside tables) serve as an indispensable element of bedroom essentials such as glasses, alarm clocks, books, remote controls, medications and any necessary office supplies. When decorating top shelves for cohesion’s sake limit top decor items to 1-3 carefully chosen pieces while creating balance using art or decorative trays above each table.

Look for unique pieces, such as rattan nightstands that add texture and warmth to modern bedrooms or bar carts and living room end tables that can serve as bedsides.

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