Choose the Right Bathroom Fittings for Your Bathroom

Choose the Right Bathroom Fittings for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom fitting selection will have an enormous effect on its look and feel. Make sure it contains materials which are both rustproof and moisture proof to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

As you shop for these items, keep your budget in mind and determine your must-haves vs nice-to-haves. Remember that fixtures cannot be removed without prior notification.


Kohler bathroom accessories and hardware make a significant impactful statement about both utility and design of any bathroom, both utilitarian and aesthetic. Storage walls help minimize clutter while optimizing space; shower rods curve outward from a bath for extra clearance; grab bars seamlessly blend with any design scheme, while Kohler’s DTV Mode shower interface lets users pre-set multiple tub and shower settings; while faucet handles come in an assortment of styles to complement any decor scheme.

Kohler offers an impressive selection of kitchen and bathroom products that combine design, craftsmanship, innovation, and uncompromising performance. Their Devonshire series water saving bathroom faucets and Sensate touchless kitchen sink faucets provide plenty of choices to enhance any home environment.


Jaquar, founded by the Mehra brothers in India, is one of the premier bath fitting brands. Renowned for its quality products and exceptional customer service, Jaquar also provides a 10-year warranty on its sanitary ware and bathroom accessories – popular products include WCs, urinals and showerheads; its taps also come equipped with anti-germ coating to keep them germ-free.

Products of this company are manufactured in India and South Korea. Its research and development facilities produce innovative designs that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing; its whirlpool bathtubs boast powerful jets to provide massage options and are fully featured with all sorts of massage features.

Jaquar offers shower enclosures, water heaters and lighting solutions in an extensive selection of colors and styles to meet every taste and budget. Their products can also be found at their many showrooms and orientation centres that help customers select the ideal bathroom design for their homes.


Neycer Bathroom Fittings of India provides an assortment of products renowned for their beauty and quality; their products have won several prestigious awards such as Indian Design Mark and Red Dot Award. Furthermore, this company manufactures toilets and sink faucets with eco-friendly water saving features.

Sanitary ware is one of the key investments that homeowners make when renovating their homes, and selecting it with care to ensure its long-term viability and aesthetic harmony with your lifestyle requirements is key to its longevity. Finding an appropriate brand is paramount in creating an inviting bathroom space tailored specifically for you and meeting all of your lifestyle requirements.

Roca is an international brand known for bringing Spain’s technological and design advances to India. Their products include basins, faucets, toilets (including wellness toilets), baths, shower trays and urinals in multiple designs as well as shower trays and urinals – each boasting innovative designs with outstanding quality in beautiful colors! Roca stands out as an innovator among its peers with regards to both technology and designs that translate well.

Jal Bath Fittings

Jal Bath Fittings is an industry leader and offers an impressive variety of bathroom and kitchen fittings since 1989. Their focus on customer service, product quality, design innovation and maintaining progressive relations with plumbing consultants sets them apart as a family owned business that values creativity and artistry as part of their legacy. Their products include Wall Brackets, Waste Couplings, Surgical Mixer Tub Fillers as well as Wall Brackets that support wall brackets; waste couplings; Waste Couplings; Tub Fillers as well as tub fillers which maintain progressive relations; additionally their products include Wall Brackets Wall Brackets are widely known among plumbing consultants as being part of their legacy; products such as Wall Brackets come from this family owned business that values ideas and artistry more than others in its industry.